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The SHRED Power Cleanse is a two week detox program intended to help you hit the reset button. It’ll help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and feel better. Knowing you want to get healthy is an important first step!
Over 1000 people did the cleanse over the summer and the average was 8lbs but weight loss is different for everyone. You get what you put into it!
It really depends on what you choose to eat/drink. But the estimate is between 1100-1500.
Start with the Power Cleanse. SHRED is a great followup based on your results from the cleanse. If you’re a Veteran SHREDDER, you may consider SuperSHRED as a followup
Meal spacing is very important, and we encourage everyone to try their best to stay as close to schedule as possible. If you hit each targeted meal time within 45 minutes, that is ok.
Absolutely. SHRED Power Cleanse will fit you to a tee. You can make whatever substitutions you need to make, but there should be few need if any at all!
Not unless he’s going to do vigorous exercise, more than what’s in the book.
Diabetics can do the program but under the supervision of their doctors as no two diabetics are the same. Diabetics can also make swap outs — veggies for fruits and more whole grains.
All breastfeeding moms must talk to their doctors before doing anything that changes their calorie intake. Breastfeeding moms have been successful on the plans but they all had permission/supervision from their doctors.
It’s okay to freeze. Just re-blend when you want to use them
Don’t get too caught up on whether the drink is a smoothie or a shake (determined by the base and the consistency). Just know that shakes tend to have slightly higher calorie counts
The preference since this is a cleanse is that you don’t drink any coffee, but we understand for some people that this might be too difficult. So if you need to have some, please only have 1 cup and keep it as clean as possible without adding much to it. You can have 1 small one a day, but if you can, try to go longer without it
Green tea is ok, but with no additives (pure green tea/ herbal tea).Up to 3 cups daily. Stevia is ok if you really need it (in small amount)
We prefer the morning because you can get it out of the way and it releases endorphins throughout the day. That said, the most important thing is getting it in, so anytime will do.
You can go over, but don’t go extreme. Remember you are detoxing and your calorie counts are not as high as a regular day on SHRED for example.
Exercise is an important part of the cleanse. You can still just do the eating portion of the cleanse though if you’re unable to exercise. Even doing arm exercises (pushups) with your upper body can make a big difference, so we recommend trying that.
We prefer organic. Make sure the calorie count is not too high. Your drinks can not be more than 300 calories.
Okay to do it occasionally, but not all the time. You need a minimum amount of calories to function.
Not mandatory at all. Just some things you might want to try to add a boost to your smoothie
On the plan you can have a swap a day. So yes, you can switch those if you’d like
You can do banana instead. The yogurt is there to help with the consistency. There’s also nondairy yogurt out there (SILK makes some)
Once a week! Wear same clothes and weigh-in at same time



Super SHRED is an accelerated program meant for rapid, healthy weight loss. Think of it as a weight loss booster. Choose it if you are trying to lose weight quickly before an event like a wedding or a vacation.

SHRED helps promote an actual lifestyle. It is a gradual program that helps you shed unwanted pounds and gives you the tools to lead a healthy life.

Making the decision to change is the first step. Remember, dieting is 80% mental so making a commitment to better your health will carry you a long way. After that, look for a little guidance and support. Pick up a book. Join the SHRED Community. Ask a friend to take up the challenge with you. All of these things will aid you on your weight loss journey.
The eating schedule is simply an example. You do not have to follow the exact times outlined in the book. You can adjust the plan to fit your daily life. Just follow these three rules:

You must eat your first meal within one hour of waking up
Your last meal/snack must be consumed at least 90 minutes before going to sleep
You must space your meals 3 hours apart and consume your snacks in between your meals

There are several types of exercise that are gentle on the back or knees and, when done on a regular basis, are highly effective. Walking, riding an exercise bike or an actual bicycle, swimming, and upper body resistance training are all great for people who suffer from back and knee problems.
Absolutely! Just replace the fruit or vegetable with any other fruit or vegetable that you are not allergic to.
You can make your own lemonade with these simple ingredients: 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 5 or 6 lemons), ½ cup sugar and 4 cups of water.
No, you don’t have to eat everything but you should follow the plan as closely as possible. You don’t need to eat each item but you cannot entirely skip any meal. However, if you elect to skip a snack, you cannot add those extra calories to a meal later in the day. You need to eat the proper sized meal.
SHRED Burn can be modified. If you can only perform the exertion portion for a shorter period of time, that’s fine. Requiring a longer rest period is also OK. The real key is in your intensity. Give between 80 to 100 percent in exertion. As with all exercise programs, please consult your physician before starting.
Breastfeeding moms have had a lot of success on SHRED programs. However, please check with your doctor before starting SHRED or any other diet. Diets can interfere with milk production.
Please stay away from sauces (especially cream sauces), as they are often high in calories and sodium. Instead, try seasoning your chicken with different herbs and spices. They’ll add the extra flavor you’re looking for without the extra calories.
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot reduction when it comes to weight loss. Weight loss affects your entire body. However, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective workout for stubborn fat. Check out the SHRED Burn DVD for an HIIT workout you can do at home.
t is highly recommended that you drink hibiscus tea when called for during the plan. However, if you cannot find hibiscus tea, you may substitute it with green tea.

If you can’t find the cranberry juice, you may replace it with a juice not from concentrate. Do not consume more than 120 calories per serving.

SHRED has been successful for many families. However, please check with your child’s physician before starting him/her on the program.
If you are diabetic, please consult your physician before starting any SHRED program. Type-1 diabetics often have trigger foods they should stay away from. Your doctor can identify what those foods are and suggest replacements.
If you need to eat before a workout, stick to fast carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet because they are your main source of energy. Examples of fast carbs include fruit, yogurt and sweet potatoes.