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This 30-Day ABY New Year Challenge starts on March 2 and goes to March 30! Once you pay the registration fee, please make sure you email us (1) method of payment and the name attached to your payment (2) the name you use with your Facebook account and (3) the email address attached to it. We will invite you to join the private, members-only ABY Challenge March Facebook group page. We have VERY limited slots available, so please register ASAP and get all of the information to us at ABYChallengeMarch@gmail.com.  Here is some of what the challenge will include:
1. A new private group page that only members can access to get the challenge information and participate with others as well as the admins and coaches.
2. Daily meal and exercise plans that you can customize to your needs.
3. A dedicated team to answer your questions and give you guidance as you go through the challenge.
4. Fun contests with prizes.

5. Free tasty, kitchen-tested, simple recipes you can follow.

6. Software you can download to your phone that will keep track of your exercise and communicate back to us so we can monitor your progress