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The concept for SHRED was accidental, but like many accidental things it was destined. Dr Ian Smith had been working with a friend who he had helped lose weight previously. She lost 35% of her body weight in eighteen months. She not only looked great, she felt great, and was doing things physically she hadn’t done since high school. So when she wanted to lose the final pounds to get to her goal weight, she couldn’t seem to do it. They reviewed food and exercise journals, along with the previous books he’d written that she’d found success using, but it almost seemed like her body grew accustomed to the good habits she had developed making those last few pounds a challenge to come off. Success, ironically enough, was keeping her from even more success. They needed a new solution, so Dr Ian began looking for ways to combine different elements of strategic dieting into one comprehensive plan; he wanted to take the best players and put them on the field to maximize your chance of winning the game.

The name SHRED was chosen because it’s an action word that signals what’s happening internally as you’re doing this exercise; you’re SHREDDING stubborn fat. The friend Dr Ian had been working with ended up finding personal success with the help of this new diet. Over the next year he continued to refine the diet with feedback from focus groups and even social media (Twitter). Not only was word spreading, so were the success stories. Followers were losing a significant amount of weight in a short time, and not only was it creating dramatic weight loss, it was also allowing them to feel full with the affordable foods they were eating.

Confidence went up thanks to the SHRED diet, and life became a new adventure for those who were on it. SHREDDER Nation, the online community, formed organically as the success stories continued to develop with men and women determined never to return to the old life and habits they left behind. While no diet is perfect, the lessons learned in SHRED provide a great platform that everyone can benefit from; whether you’re looking to lose significant weight, or run that race you’ve always wanted to run. SHRED isn’t simply a diet, it’s a way of life!