Hope everyone is doing well!

Wanted to announce our second contest that will run for an entire week. This is a recipe contest.

Create a SHRED-friendly recipe and submit it in our SHRED Cook-Off Contest. Please submit one recipe per team. The item should fall in a breakfast, lunch, or dinner category (please do not submit a snack).

Include how many servings the recipe makes and please follow the typical recipe format of # of servings, ingredients list, then directions. 

Entries are due by: 1/14/2015 (midnight EST)

Please try to get them in ASAP as I will need time to go through all of them carefully.

There will be (3) winning teams.


To see these items, simply visit the SHRED store at shredlife.com. You never know; maybe your recipe will appear in my next cookbook!

Look forward to reading and tasting your culinary delights!

Click here to submit a recipe